How To


The method in the above video will work for all android devices. Setup takes about 5 minutes once I have activated the MAC address on my end. 


  1. Enable Download from Unknown Sources in the settings of the device.
  2. Go to the browser of the device you wish to use and type which will automatically download STB Emulator PRO app.
  3. Install the application 
  4. Once installed, click Configure Application –> Profile –> Select New Profile –> STB configurations.
  5. Here you’ll see MAC Address. When you make a purchase send your MAC Address to us or you’ll receive one in your e-mail once the payment has processed. Essentially, you just have to make sure an activated MAC address is inputted in that slot.
  6. Exit back one page and select Portal Settings –> Edit the portal URL.
  7. If you purchased the Express Server input for OK2 type in
  8.  Now, last step is to refresh the portal. Exit back to main page. Get the drop-down menu. Once you get it to appear on screen, scroll down and select profile twice.
  9. Enjoy the service!

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