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     In this article, we’ll show you the quick and easiest way to setup IPTV with SMART STB app on Samsung and LG Smart TVs. We will also go into details with some common issues that many users run into using the SMART STB app and how to get past them.  

Why Use SMART STB app for IPTV?

I am assuming you already spent a lot of money purchasing a SMART TV and don’t want to shell out more cash on purchasing an Android TV box and you shouldn’t have to. The SMART STB app basically simulates the STB hardware so you can stream IPTV without actually owning the physical hardware. Now, before we begin with the actual configuration or setup we’ll talk about the pricing for the app. When you first download the app it allows you a one-week free trial to use the app and see if it’s for you. Afterward, the SMART STB app gives two payment options a monthly recurring price of $2.55/month or a one-time lifetime access of $27 CAD ($21.05 USD). 

Lets Begin!

How To Download & Configure Smart STB app:

  • On your Samsung or LG Smart TV go to the Smart Hub apps and look for and download the SMART STB app, not to be confused with SMART IPTV.


  • Once installed, open the app and hold the “OK” button on the remote which is located in the middle of your remote.


  • This will allow you to go into system settings, from here click on device info and you’ll find your Virtual MAC address beginning with 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX.  This is what your IPTV provider will need to activate your service. If you do not currently have an IPTV service or are looking for one we got you covered. Purchase IPTV service here. 


  • Now, the second thing once you have activated your MAC address with the provider is to register the application at using the system MAC address (not to be confused with the virtual MAC address you provided to the IPTV provider).


  • The last step once the app has been registered for one week trial is to go into the settings of Smart STB application click on Embedded portals. Under the field “Portal 1 URL” type in the IPTV server URL, this will be given to you by your provider and varies depending on which server you have purchased. If you purchased the service through us then please wait for us to activate the MAC address, you will receive an instructional email once completed. Feel free to contact us if you have not yet received this email.

    Here are two of the most commonly used URL’s we offer with SMART STB:

IPTV Express –

  • Lastly, press “Return” to save settings and go back and select restart portal. The service should now load up. 

Common Issues Faced with SMART STB:

In the case, you are seeing a login-authentication screen you will need to wait until provider activates the MAC address. It’s possible there’s a discrepancy in the virtual MAC activated as well so just make sure the provider has the correct MAC. 

Another issue commonly faced with SMART STB application is the Virtual MAC address which should begin with 00:1A:79 matches exactly with the System MAC address. In this case, you will need to directly contact the SMART-STB support line on their site and ask them to generate the proper Virtual MAC address on your app. 

Overall, the SMART STB app is a great app for Samsung and LG SMART TV users and we have not been endorsed to say that. To be completely honest, an IPTV Box would be the best solution for IPTV but would be the most costly. The app provides a great alternative for SMART TV owners, and if you plan on using IPTV for long duration then there will definitely be a few hiccups where the IPTV service will stop streaming temporarily but this rarely happens and the team over at respond to issues fairly quickly.  You can follow the SMART-STB facebook page at to be up to date with the latest issues or posts from the community and staff.

How To Video On Setting Up SMART STB with IPTV. 

Hope this article was useful for you through your IPTV journey. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions and we’ll be sure to answer. 

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