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OK2 IPTV Review Summary:

  • Live TV Content 90%
  • Quality 79%
  • Reliability 91%
  • Video On Demand 85%

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Review Summary: OK2 IPTV Server is a great option for Canadian and American users. The OK2 M3U option allows Apple, Windows, MAC and SMART TV’s which you can’t get with other servers.     


  • Extensive channel selection – has many live TV channels, more than any one person could know what to do with.
  • Very Stable – The OK2 Server has been shown to be fairly stable. We randomly selected 30 channels, 29 worked without constant buffering. 
  • Video On Demand – Great video on demand for English content but not the largest for international categories. 
  • Good EPG – The EPG compared to the other servers has been good, not all channels will be accurate but from the IPTV servers tested this seems to be one of the better ones.
  • Cons – No Multiple Devices – You can only have one device activated and are not able to change devices once active. Doing so will get the MAC address blocked.
  • Cons – No Timeshift – Some servers offer timeshift like IPTV Express which allows you to rewind the Live TV content. This server does not have this option. 

Thorough IPTV Express Review:

OK2 IPTV server has a huge TV content section with a total of over 2300 recordings. The Video Club has around 6500 recorded movies and shows. One thing great about this server is the 24×7 section which has classic popular shows like Fresh Prince and YouTube channels on a forever loop to watch when you’re bored. This is great for when you just want to past the time. Here’s the full breakdown of all the different categories:

English (Canadian, USA, and UK)
French (Canadian French Channels)
For Adults (Password Restricted)
VideoClub (7000 movies and shows).

If you have a 4K or Ultra-High definition television then the OK2 IPTV server probably won’t do you justice. The picture quality is OK2, most channels are 480p/720p with an exception of a few that are 1080p.  

On the other hand, the server was found to be reliable with little buffering. Maybe this was a tradeoff between quality and reliability? Regardless, we tested 30 channels at random and let the streams run for 5 minutes, we found 29/30 channels worked with little to no buffering. 

One Month IPTV Subscription – $15 / month
Three Month IPTV Subscription – $14 / month
Six Month IPTV Subscription – $13 / month
One Year IPTV Subscription – $12 / month 

The server really has everything any other server would have besides the Timeshift option which if you ask me is overrated. 


  • Very Good EPG – an EPG is a guide that shows what’s coming up next. The server does have some channels is not accurate but overall from all the servers we have reviewed this is one of the bes
  • Video On Demand – Great Video on demand section.
  • Optional Adult Section – Get rated R content with this server which is password protected from people stumbling onto this category. If you would rather opt out of having this content, just let your provider know ahead of activation (for example, in the additonal comments while checking out) so they can remove it.

In the order of what we believe which devices will give you the best performance and experience. 


  1. IPTV Set-Top Box (For example, MAG Box, Dreamlink T2, Buzz XPL, and Formuler Z7).
  2. Android Boxes (How To Setup STB emulator app)
    We have a variety of Android Boxes & IPTV Set Top Boxes you can check out at our shop. 
  3. Android TV / Phone (How To Setup Guide STB emulator app)
  4. Samsung and LG SMART TV (SMART-STB app only)
  5. Apple Phone (StalkerTV client app, however we do not recommend using Express but instead use OK2 IPTV M3U option). 

What Has Your Experience With OK2 IPTV Been Like? 

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