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         We’ll show you how to setup your Amazon Fire Stick IPTV service in approximately 5-10 minutes. Now. in order to watch IPTV you’ll need to download an application called STB emulator and typically on android device you would purchase this app from the Google Playstore for $7.49. As you may know, the Amazon Fire Stick does not have the playstore so you can’t download this app but we’ll show an alternative method that will not only get you the app, but we’ll also show you how to get it for free. 

Written Instructions to Setup Amazon Fire Stick IPTV

Part 1: Download STB emulator app on the Amazon Fire stick

  1. Go into settings of the Fire Stick > Developer Options > Enable downloads from unkown sources.
  2. Exit back to main menu and go onto the search > type in Downloader and install this application.
  3. Open the app up and type in the URL below and install STB emulator.

  4. Go into settings > Applications > Managed Installed Application > launch the STB emulator

Part 2: Configure IPTV on Amazon Fire Stick

5. On the first time opening the app you’ll see an option to configure application, select this. If you’re seeing a blue screen, get the drop down menu by selecting top right hand side of the screen and getting the drop down menu.
6. Next, go into profile > new profile > STB configuration where you’ll find the MAC address. Now, this MAC address needs to be activated with an IPTV server. if you don’t already have a subscription you can purchase one here If you already have an active subscription you can edit the MAC address to match your current existing one.
7. Go back one page > Portal Settings > and on the first field you’ll see “Portal URL”. Here type in the URL of the server your using. If you purchased a IPTV subscription with CableCast you’ll receive one with purchase.
8. That’s it, final step is just to restart the portal. There are multiple ways to do this, you can close the app and re-enter. You can turn off/on the device. The most convenient way is to go back to main screen and get the drop down menu. From here just select profile and select the profile with current active MAC address and it shoud load up.

Hopefully this article helped you out and made the process of setting up your Amazon Fire Stick IPTV easier. Please do let us know in the comments below if there is anything we missed out or if anything gets outdated. Also feel free to ask any questions if you get stuck along the way. 

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