So you’re looking to set up the STB Emulator app?

           You’ve come to the right place. In this short article, we’ll show you the quick and easiest way to configure the STB emulator app and how you can set it up with any IPTV service.

Compatible Devices:

  • Android Boxes 
  • Android Phones
  • Sony/Android Smart TV
  • Amazon Firestick (setup is slightly different on firestick, click to view article).
  • Windows/MAC computer through either Bluestacks or Nox program (however this can be resource intensive for the device and does not always work well).

To begin, you’ll need to set up your google account and then download the STB emulator app from the Google playstore. You’ll be confronted with two options, STB Emulator pro version which is $7.49 CAD or STB emulator free version. Here the only difference is the free version has banner ads that appear on the top of the screen but don’t really interrupt the viewing experience. The free version of the STB emulator app is a great way for new users to test out IPTV and the app for the first month. The pro version is well worth $7.49 gives you lifetime access and future updates which is always nice.

TLDR (Breadcrumb method of setting up) 

  1. Download the STB emulator app > Go into settings > profile > select new profile > STB configuration > Here you’ll find MAC address beginning with 00:1A:79. Give this to your provider. If you don’t have one click here and select monthly package you would like to try out.

  2. Go back one page (or to the new profile screen) > portal settings > portal URL > here you want to type in URL for the server your subscribed to. This is something your IPTV provider should’ve given you.
    PRO TIP: A common mistake is to type the URL in the “internal portal” field but this is not correct. Some devices also generate spaces automatically (i.e. Nvidia Shield) so be sure check if the URL is one word.  
  3. Lastly, exit back to the main page > get the drop down menu > select profile twice and service should load up. Congrats!  

Step by Step instructions with photos to setup STB emulator:

Open the STB emulator app and get the drop down menu. To do this press menu/guide button on your remote or using the mouse cursor and select upper right hand side of the screen. Go into the settings.

Inside the settings select “Profiles”

Select the existing profile or create a new one if you are looking to add a second server in the STB emulator app. 

Select STB Configuration

Next, locate your MAC address and write it down. This is what you’ll need to give your IPTV provider to activate a subscription. You can purchase one here if you are looking for a provider.

Afterwards, exit back one page (to the new profile menu) and you’ll find portal settings. Go ahead and select it. 

Your provider should send you a URL once your MAC address has been activated and this would be the place to enter it. Make sure you type in the first field titled “Portal URL” and NOT the “internal portal” field. Nvidia shield users, your device automatically generates spaces, make sure the URL is one word. 

Exit back to the main page and get the drop down menu. From here, select the profile.

Finally, you’ll see the profile name where we entered the URL and sent the MAC address that needed to be activated. Select it, the screen will flash for a second and then the portal should load up. If you see a login-authentication screen this means the MAC address entered has not yet been activated. If the issue persists please contact your provider to resolve the issue, if you have a subscription with CableCast contact us. 

Watch our instructional video to setup STB Emulator with IPTV

I hope this article has been useful to you. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below. You can also check out our other instructional articles where we show you how to setup IPTV on a number of devices like the Buzz box, Samsung/LG Smart TV, Windows and Apple computers. 

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